irefurbstock seem to use a network of delivery companies to deliver orders over the UK & Ireland.  Do you have a review/ feedback on irefurbstock and their delivery service?  If so please leave it below and help other shoppers.

3 Replies to “irefurbstock Delivery Issues and Consumer Advice”

  1. Delivery company lied about trying to deliver at our house, they seem to use private courriers or pehaps yodel Im not sure.

    Fingers crossed for redeilvery tomorrow!

  2. They are the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to purchase from
    I first ordered in November 2016 and was told lie after lie about delivery until I canceled the order in January 2017 which I got to refund after constantly chasing them. Feb 17 got payment then was promised same item in stock if re-order will be delivered in 7 days! as change of vendor
    It’s now mid March and same shit getting sent lie after lie about vendors and delivery will be cancelling for good this week

    1. Hi MS, I thought it was just me lol. in the end they upgraded me to an ipad pro which i EVENTUALLY got weeks later. The staff are always helpful, but I fear they are dealing with terrible vendors and even the staff at irefurbstock are sick of it all!

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